In this powerful and enlightening new television series, Neale Donald Walsch, beloved author of the bestselling “Conversations with God” books, is our guide to the practical application of spirituality and spiritual principles in our daily lives. In each episode, Neale engages with a member of the audience, helping them transcend one or more of the challenges that we all face as human beings. Beyond his wisdom and gentle humor, Neale’s penetrating insight and deep compassion help both guests and viewers to shed their fears and awaken to new possibilities in their lives.

Join bestselling authors Kathlyn & Gay Hendricks (“Conscious Loving”) as they share meaningful (and often hilarious) stories from their life together, and show us the secrets to creating joyous, loving relationships that last. Beyond the laughs and lessons in the stories themselves, the warmth and playfulness of Gay and Katie’s interactions on the show offer a truly delightful example of what a rich and conscious romantic relationship can be.

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